My name is Carolynne

I started making my own cards after getting fed up of visiting friends on their special occasions and seeing that someone had already given them the same card as I had! Then once I started I couldn't stop and ended up with lots more than I needed so started selling them.


From there I moved onto making other items and found that they were popular too. I love paper crafts, crochet and sewing but will try my hand at most things. My handmade items are items that i have made for myself or to gift to others and then after people have seen them they have asked me to make for them so the making has continued.

Everything is made by me in my craft room in my home. I will package your items up to ensure that they get to you in the best condition that they can, I take my time and care - it would break my heart to find something that I had spent time on making had got broken in its journey to you.

Outside of crafting I have an 8 year old son and a full time office job to keep me entertained.